Genvisc™ gplus, is an intra-articular injectable gel developed for the treatment of osteoarthritis(OA), degenerative joint disease (DJD) and degenerative meniscopatia.

Genvisc™ gplus, has a safe, effective and easy to apply technology for intra-articular treatment process. Genvisc™ gplus, relieve pain, restore cartilage and reduce degeneration with glucosamine forms which contains in formulation. Glucosamine increases hyaluronic acid production in synovium explants.Experiments have shown that glucosamine prevents collagen degeneration in chondrocytes by hibiting lipoxidation reactions and protein oxidation.Enzymes are responsible for cleavage preferentially in the interglobular domain of the aggrecan molecule,which leads to loss of aggrecan function.

Glucosamine inhibits the MMP synthesis and further proteoglycan degeneration. Inflammatory proceses, which are also responsible for degeneration of the cartilage ,are inhibited by glucosamine. As a conculusion, Genvisc™ gplus suppress synovitis, inhibits aggrecan loss,chondroprotective efficacy and anti-inflammatory activity. Osteoarthritis treatment expectations are generally consisting of mobility,pain relief and protection of cartilage structure.Intra-articular injection treatment does not envisage totally healing for osteoarthritis and cartilage diseases.But by courtesy of glucosamine active ingredient in Genvisc™ gplus provides cartilage restoration and anti-inflammatory activity.